Reaching Men:  Strategies for Preventing Sexist Attitudes, Behaviors and Violence
, is the first manual of its kinds that examines ways to effectively educate men about rape/sexual assault, domestic violence, dating abuse, stalking, pornography and prostitution, and harassment.  It is being published in 2006 (JistLife Publishers) and is endorsed by the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence. 

I’m very proud of this book.  There is a tremendous dearth of resources available to provide activists the tools they need to effectively educate men.  Those few that do exist almost exclusively talk about either rape/sexual assault or domestic violence.   Reaching Men begins with a theoretical overview in which I explore educational theory and specifically identify those educational theories that show the most promise in educating men.  I then provide a brief overview of each form of violence and how each form of violence is connected to sexism.  The next chapter examines issues and intersections of racism, sexism and homophobia as they relate to violence and abuse.  The final chapters provide information about how educators and advocates can take care of themselves while educating men about sexism and violence. 

But Reaching Men is more than theory.  It’s full of concrete information, exercises, sample outlines, and suggestions for the real work of educating men.  

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“Reaching Men is an excellent new resource from a pioneer innovator and activist in the men's movement.  It answers not only the question of how to educate and mobilize men, but addresses the more important one of why as it helps the reader clarify goals, refine strategies, and develop effective tactics for working with diverse groups of men. We no longer have to bemoan the fact that not enough men are involved because we now have a hands-on and practical guide for developing male allies.”

Paul Kivel, activist and author of Men's Work, the Young Men's Work curriculum, and Boys Will be Men.
“Rus Ervin Funk has drawn on his valuable experience as an activist and  educator to produce a guide to the theory and practice of educating men to  oppose violence against women. We hope would-be activists follow his good advice and example to help end violence against women!  Writing it down gives  valuable information to new advocates and those who want to make a difference.  It’s a reference tool that individuals and agencies can come back to mine again and again.”

Debby Tucker, Executive Director  NATIONAL CENTER on Domestic and Sexual Violence

"Funk presents a wholistic approach to understanding and ending sexism and violence, from what it is, how it affects its victims, why men must work to end it, how to reach men, and the cutting edge solutions to conquer this critical problem.  He shows how vast the problem is, how interrelated all forms of violence are, what can be done to stop it, and most of all, why men should undertake this work."

Joan Zorza,  Esq. -Editor Domestic Violence Report & Sexual Assault Report.

“I applaud Rus Ervin Funk for undertaking such a challenging task as confronting the issue of sexist violence.  This curriculum is forward thinking and more insightful than any other curriculum to date.  It will be used by educators and activist for many years to come.”

Laura Berry Berman, MA - Executive Director, ICADV