I’ve been working for more than 25 years to address social, racial, gender and sexual justice throughout the country.  The way I work, and try to live my life, is based on James Baldwin’s quote above — that the strive for justice (in our relationships, as well as in our neighborhoods, communities, the country and the world) requires one step at a time.  Each step, for each person, is the most radical step that a person can take.

I use my skills in speaking, organizing, writing and training to assist people, groups and communities to pursue their goals for justice.  I focus on improving peoples’ skills in 4 related areas:  advocacy, education, mobilization and organizing.  It is through the use of these 4 areas that we all improve the success of our efforts towards a more just place.

This web site provides an overview of the services I offer.  I offer support in three main areas:  Training, speaking and technical assistance.  My resume provides a brief description of some of what I’ve been up to.  I also provide other resources such as articles that I’ve written, and links to other activists, organizations, and written material.

There is also a link to my latest manual, Reaching Men:  Strategies for Preventing Sexist Attitudes, Behaviors and Violence

Thanks for checking out this web site, and thanks for your work for justice...